Tales of the Iron Horse

Beyond the Rim Episode I

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

36:5:2 GrS

The newly christened privateer ship Longshot is sent by Alliance Intelligence to speak with Reom of IsoTech, on the space station The Wheel, who claims to have a significant haul and is in need of discrete explorers. The crew meet with him soon after landing, in his inconspicuous office in the bowels of the The Wheel.

His pitch is nothing less than fantastical—hunt down the Sa Nalaor, a ship of near-mythical renown, supposedly a CIS banking frigate that disappeared at the end of the Clone Wars. Its haul has been the speculation of every fringer on the rim—riches, top secret super weapons, highly advanced technology, it’s all been guessed, and never found. This news is of particular distress to Dash Tharand, though he does not let this on easily to his comrades.

Reom claims to know where it is, based on a hyperspace beacon he recently received, addressed to his father from Captain Harsol of the Sa Nalaor, nearly 20 years old.

Finding her crew to be little more than upjumped pirates with a thirst for treasure, Kya decides her loyalty lies with the Rebel Alliance, and resigns her post at the Longshot to return to Resolute Base, continuing the fight she believes in.

Jad analyzes the data and determines a jump could be made to the planet where it was last seen, remote Cholganna. While the crew makes preparations and acquires provisions, Jad notices a treadwell droid tampering with the Longshot’s hull. He is soon able to have it detained and disabled by Wheel Security, who take it into their custody, though they allow Jad to determine that the droid did not seem to be malfunctioning, and had nothing to determine its ownership.

When Reom’s appointed companion of IT-3PO fails to show up by launch time, the Longshot’s crew seeks to investigate and returns to IsoTech’s offices, finding them ransacked and IT-3PO being carried off by Rodian thugs: The Yiyar Clan.

Making chase, the privateers pursue the Yiyars and are able to impede their flight enough to recover the distraught protocol droid, but not before the Rodians blast off (unlawfully) from their hangar in their Nightflyer. With no time to spare, the Longshot ignores the protests of the Wheel’s control, launching in pursuit of the Nightflyer. Though both are pursued by Wheel Security’s short range fighters, the freighters both make a hot jump to hyperspace, racing to distant Cholganna, and—they hope—its hidden treasures….


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