Tales of the Iron Horse

Dead in the Water Part 1

36:3:12 GrS

With the chaos of freighter M226 well behind them, Iron Squadron looks forward to a mission far more routine, and to their sensibilities. Dispatched to the Alliance Intelligence flaship Shadow Raptor, they soon find their orders being given by no less than General Airen Cracken himself.

Their job is to covertly travel to the station of Port Tooga (aboard the small independent freighter Spinster’s Loom) and negotiate for Alliance to purchase some much-needed droids from the privateer ship Contispex Crusader. The Alliance will pay up to 4 million credits.

Arriving on the station, Iron Squadron are more comfortable with the local color than usual Rebellion protocol, though they make some enemies in the form of drunken wookiees. This is enough to draw the attention of Shyndi Oglerk, captain of the Contispex Crusader.

After somewhat uneasy negotiation, the deal is made and the crew slave the droid barge’s circuits to the Loom’s hyperdrive, making their way back to he Shadow Raptor.

With their part of the mission believed to be over, Iron Squadron gets ready to debrief while the Shadow Raptor jumps to hyperspace.

Before long, a sickening lurch halts the ship, and most power fails. Iron Squadron struggles to get in contact with the bridge, where one officer reports trouble before sounds of a scuffle are heard. A droid’s voice then declared the ship “property of the Galactic Empire.” The shipment of droids would appear to be a trap.

What’s more, Iron Squadron would soon learn, the Shadow Raptor dropped out of hyperspace near a black hole, and with no power, was listing slowly toward its event horizon….


greendeklan greendeklan

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