Tales of the Iron Horse

Easy Mark

35:9:30 GrS

“Alright guys, here’s the job.” The lights dim and Jundan calls up the holoprojector. A floating image appears of a ship. You may recognize it as a Space Master medium transport.

“This here is the Pioneer. She’s a transport owned by the firm Galactic Logistics, which is pretty much Imperialized now. According to the flight plans when she left, she’ll be making a stop in the Telnar system to await rendezvous with their Imperial pickup. Luckily for us, she’ll be waiting a whole day before that pickup, which gives us plenty of time to nab our buyer’s goods.”

“So here’s the plan: before we’re in sensor range, we drop a jamming probe into their field. Their sensors shouldn’t be sophisticated enough to compensate, and they’ll never know we’re anywhere near.”

‘’Then we’ll park right up on their docking ring and bust in before they know what hit ‘em. The crew shouldn’t be too heavily armed, but still, be cautious. The jamming probe will only last a few minutes, so Jad , you’ll have to get to their systems and jam their comms. While you’re there, you’ll need to gum up their computer long enough to prevent it from capturing any record of our transponder. Don’t need more heat on our tail.’’

“The rest of you will have to get to the cargo control. Once you verify the inventory, release pods 2 and 3, then get back to the ship. We’ll get ’em on the mandibles after and jump the hell out of here. Any questions?”


greendeklan greendeklan

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