Tales of the Iron Horse

Onslaught at Arda I - Episode II

Picking Up The Pieces

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode II: Uncharted Territory

35:10:20 GrS Jagomir-OAA1.png

Using encrypted coordinates known only to the command staff, the remains of the Arda base jump to the remote world of Jagomir. Advisor Hase and Commando Qurno establish Resolute Base. With the crushing defeat and the fall of General Niall, morale is low throughout the base. All squadrons are grounded, and though grateful for their help, the command staff are still reluctant to put too much responsibility in the hands of their newest wing, Iron Squadron.


A group of scouts returns to the base, barely alive with severe injuries. With few other options, Qurno reluctantly asks Iron Squadron to investigate the possible dangers to the base. Venturing into the dismal swamps of Jagomir, Iron Squadron most soon abandon their bikes, the trees and vines far too thick and their vision hindered by the fog and overgrowth.

After some investigation, the group comes across the remains of the scouts’ party—and their attackers. The group must fend off a group of massive Evarrian insectoids. After dispatching a few drones, the (pregnant) Mother is sufficiently convinced to leave the scene. Investigation of a nearby mound reveals an indentation that almost certainly held a portable power pack—further confirmation of the group’s suspicion that a traitor is in their midst, revealing secrets to the Empire….

35:10:22 GrS

At the urging of Urel Haydon, Iron Squadron keeps their investigation of the traitor away from the command staff until proof can be found. After some initial investigation of Major Yalor and the Bothan spy Lt. Masi Qual, the group finds some evidence in a locked computer closet that indicates information was being sent to the Empire by an agent under the code name Rialla—downloaded from the computer terminal of Advisor Setenna Hase. After bringing this alarming possibility to the attention of Doctor Lorren Morrick, she says she may be able to make a determination with DNA evidence. The group is careful to collect samples from the computer closet and the strange beacon device, under the lock and care of Quartermaster Clik.

After a tense several hours, the evidence returns a conclusive match—Var Narek, assistant to Advisor Hase.

Iron Squadron heads quickly with Urel to report this to Advisor Hase herself. She is initially dumbstruck and does not believe what they say. Before much can be decided, Var steps from behind a computer terminal to grab Setenna. After cursing the Rebel Alliance and warning the group not to follow him lest he kill Hase, he escapes with her on a jet bike to his waiting transport, miles into the swamp.

“There are many things that can break a man, but nothing more than the Rebellion’s disregard for innocent life.” – Var Narek’s parting shot

The group jump to chase and stay hot on Narek’s heels, but he has left many traps and reasons to delay them, and before he can be stopped, Iron Squadron watches his engine trail off out of the hazy atmosphere.
The base is in a panic, and Qurno consults Urel Haydon before deciding to dispatch Iron Squadron to rescue Advisor Hase before she falls to Imperial hands, where she will in all likelihood be tortured for Rebel secrets. Haydon informs them that he will most likely be heading to his home of Ord Radama, the nearest Imperial outpost. With little time to prepare, Iron Squadron borrows the freighter Calamity and jumps to hyperspace….

XP earned

  • Session: 10 XP (2 Sessions)
  • Dealing with the Evarrian threat: 5 XP
  • Conducting the investigation: 10 XP
  • Successfully exposing the traitor: 5 XP


Duty Rank


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