Tales of the Iron Horse

Marked for Death

35:10:1 GrS

With ZD-109 “Zed” having his systems upgraded, the crew are operating one man down, but are still up to the task. Boarding the Pioneer, the crew are able to elude detection. With some fast talking and a surprising display of Force abilities by Let Rindo, they are able to subdue the crew in the cockpit area and move about the ship unhindered. Jad Slarka quickly has the communications jammed and the computer scrambled.

They are able to release the designated cargo pods, but Jundan soon informs them that another ship has arrived and is closing fast. Before they can escape, the ship has cut through the hull of the bridge and they hear the sounds of the crew being slaughtered by blaster fire.

A stern feminine voice announces herself on the overhead.

I am Kelthas of House Renliss, from the Bounty Hunters Guild. Let Rindo, Lofbacca, Jad Slarka, and Dash Tharand. You are wanted dead or alive by the Cloud City Wing Guard for crimes outstanding. Additionally, you are wanted alive by Cloud City Councillor Arend Shen for reasons unspecified. Dash Tharand, you are wanted by Imperial Penal Colony 17 for eluding justice. These bounties are duly served and their terms are non-negotiable. Your submission is hereby required.

The crew quickly leave, taking a hapless crewman of the Pioneer with them, and Dash takes over the helm to quickly grab the cargo. Kelthas is able to cause not inconsiderable damage to the Iron Horse before it is able to make the jump to hyperspace.

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP


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