Tales of the Iron Horse

Onslaught at Arda I - Episode I


Onslaught at Arda I

Episode I: The Battle of the Gauntlet

35:10:10 GrS

With their cargo in tow, the crew of the Iron Horse make their way to their buyer’s destination: Arda I, home to a secret base of the Rebel Alliance. Upon arrival, they are guided by Major Yalor into the Gauntlet. Unexpected interference blocks the computer guidance and Dash Tharand is forced to fly the Iron Horse through the harrowing gulch manually. They soon have company, in the form of of strange reptillian flying creatures, bent on bringing the ship down. The crew are able to cut a swath long enough to get the ship into the Rebel base hangar. Frustrated with the damage, Jundan Draylock sends the crew to handle the details with the base command.

Needing help with the base’s computer core, Jad Slarka is asked to provide assistance. Yalor escorts the others to C&C (Command and Control), offering his sincere amazement at the crew’s flying and shooting skills, able to negotiate the Gauntlet as well as they did under manual control. He says again that does not understand the source of the interference they experienced, and is concerned that it is something he’s been attempting to track lately. He also has no idea what sort of beasts pursued them, as most of the local wildlife is not airborne or aggressive.

At C&C, the crew meet Senior Advisor Setenna Hase and her assistant Var Narek. They learn that she acts as the civilian commander, in conjunction with military leaders Commander Danel Qurno, and General Ran Niall.

Hase informs them that their Vortex squadron leader Jerrod Lourdas has fallen ill, and the crew’s assistance on patrol would be valued. As the Iron Horse needs time for repairs anyway, the crew agrees, and is given the run of most of the base until their patrol’s appointed time.

Some personalities met at the base:

  • Senior Advisor Setenna Hase, civillian commander of Arda Base, welcoming but reserved
  • Commander Danel Qurno, Duros military commander, oversees ground forces
  • General Ran Niall, military commander, oversees military strategy and Arda Base fleet
  • Var Narek, assistant to Setenna Hase, sees to many duties but is at the crew’s disposal if they need anything from C&C
  • Major Yalor, Sullustan duty officer often in charge of maintenance of craft, friendly and welcoming to the crew, pleased with their performance in the Gauntlet
  • Urel Haydon, jovial keeper of the Mess and bar, grizzled and maimed due to his service, but friendly
  • Doctor Lorren Morrick, intelligent and attractive medical officer, professional and business-oriented
  • Jerrod Lourdas, pilot and leader of Vortex Squadron, recently fallen ill and in medbay
  • Captain Harl Bess, oversees the hangar, cold and reserved, unsure about the crew but trust’s Yalor’s word on their competence. The crew report to him to take off on Vortex patrol.

At 1500 hours, the crew join Harl Bess in the (truly massive) hangar for Vortex patrol. Apart from the T47 modified airspeeders that comprise Vortex Squadron, the nearly 2km-long hangar is filled with rows and rows of Z95 Headhunters and some Y-Wing starfighters. Let Rindo and Lofbacca form Vortex 2 and Dash Tharand and Zed form Vortex 3.

They take off on patrol and survey sector 16 with no problems. In sector 17, they pick up more interference and trace it to its source, a black object roughly 1 meter in diameter, clamped to a rock face. Reporting back to control, Yalor is concerned. He tells them to continue patrol while he has some engineers examine the object. In sector 18, the crew encounter a rogue Imperial probe droid. Alarmed, they immediately engage and destroy the probe before it can react.

Before they can congratulate themselves, however, they see the silhouette just out of atmosphere of two Imperial Star Destroyers, with a steady stream of smaller craft descending on Arda Base. Before they can fully recognize what they see, they recognize the familiar blue engine wash of a Corellian freighter leaving atmosphere….

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP


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