Tales of the Iron Horse

Onslaught at Arda I - Episode III

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode III: Rendezvous at Ord Radama

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Jumping quickly into Hyperspace, Iron Squadron races to beat Var Narek to Ord Radama. With the information provided by Urel Haydon, the group have a good lead time. After a series of jumps, the Calamity briefly stalls, leaving them a few hours behind. Finally on the right track, the crew pilot the Calamity along the Daragon Trail, but encounter some trouble when they run into the ISD Eternal Wrath. Let Rindo is able to convince them to allow the freighter to pass and soon Iron Squadron are bearing down on the purple jewel of Ord Radama.

Landing in the spaceport of the capital, Liven Magnus, the crew scan the dock records and learn that Narek has not yet arrived. Following Haydon’s instruction to seek out a Haril Zense, the group seek out a cantina and are directed to the local dive, The Scarlet Sword. The bartender is friendly enough, but Zense’s name brings a hush to the room and a gruff man in the back invites them to sit down. After establishing their credentials, Iron Squadron and Zense trade information and determine that a recent bombing appears to have been staged by an unknown Imperial intelligence agent to be blamed on the Rebellion. He also reveals that the attack killed members of the Narek family.

It becomes clear Narek’s motivations were manipulated, but it’s unknown where he would go. Records of his family home have been redacted from public documentation. After some investigation at the governor’s mansion, the group determine the location and race in speeder to get there in time. After forcing themselves into his manor estate, they have a brief confrontation before forcing Narek to yield, realizing he has been duped by the Empire.


He does not have Hase with him, and he leads them to the rear garage. But by then, the grounds are swarming with Imperial Stormtroopers, and the Imperial Intelligence agent reveals himself, Malau Jocaos. Firing mortally at Narek and escaping with Hase on a swoop bike, the group must act quickly to prevent the situation from disintegrating further. Dash Tharand is able to barely stabilize Narek. He’s thrown onto the back of Lofbacca’s bike and Iron Squadron burst into a chase. Lofbacca bowls over a team of Stormtroopers and Dash leads the pursuit, with Let and Jad providing support.

“How could I have been so wrong? I let my grief blind me, and because of that, so many others have now lost their lives. I’m so sorry…” -Var Narek, on realizing his error

They chase Jocaos back to Livien Magnus, where he appears to be making a line for the Opera House. At the last moment, he dives into an alley. By the time the group catch up, they find his bike ditched. Quick searching reveals a secret passage, and the crew hurry into the structure below, leaving Narek behind and informing Zense that he should be secured and helped immediately. They can see Hase being dragged far ahead of them and pursue. Jocaos is able to briefly stall them with Stormtroopers, but Dash’s sure firing collapses their catwalk sending them to their deaths.

Jocaos is disarmed in a shootout but runs ahead with Hase, leading Iron Squadron into a large hangar, where Jocaos has taken cover. Before they can close on him, the blast doors open and they are faced with not only a squad of Stormtroopers but an operational All Terrain Scout Transport. Their weapons barely useful, the group are able to use the structure against the walker enough to stall it while it causes mayhem throughout the hangar. With the Stormtroopers dispoed of, Let is able to wedge some explosives into its gears which send it reeling on its last legs, just before Jad is eventually able to secure a missile tube and send it into the walker’s hull, destroying it for good.

Setenna Hase has since freed herself and fighting Jocaos, who sees things have turned against him. He makes to run, but not before Lofbacca can tackle and disable him. Setenna says they should leave quickly and they had back to the street to meet with Zense, who takes them all back to the safe house. Zense informs them that Narek was acquired and is being treated. Hase says that he will return with them to Resolute Base.

After a brief time of recovery, Iron Squadron return with Advisor Hase and the still bedridden Var Narek aboard the Calamity.


XP earned

  • Session: 10 XP (2 Sessions)
  • Making contact with the Rebels at The Scarlet Sword: 5 XP
  • Exploring the city in search of Var Narek: 10 XP
  • Chasing Jocaos back to the city and confronting Imperial Forces: 5 XP
  • Rescuing Setenna Hase: 5 XP
    TOTAL 35 XP

Duty Rank


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