Tales of the Iron Horse

Operation: Iron Krayt

Into the belly of the beast

36:1:8 GrS

" First things first: I apologize for your loss of Lofbacca , but good engineers are hard to find and Major Yalor needs all the help he can get fixing up our fighters. "

In General Qurno’s office, the holoprojector flickers to life, bringing up a spherical star chart.

“You’ve heard of the Perlemian Haul?” he asks, manipulating the controls. “Well it does exist. We’ve just confirmed its existence. A massive Imperial convoy travelling undercover on one of the Galaxy’s biggest trade routes.”

The star chart zooms in on the familiar Perlemian Trade Route.


“Millions of tons of materiel and other assets are being hauled to Imperial outposts, and no one would ever guess.

" We’ve been following up on your idea. There’s a Cloud City Central Bank executive by the name of Tojen Val that’s found himself under Imperial scrutiny. It would appear Marus Grayson turned over every rock he could find after your little caper. Val has been arrested and is now being transferred on the convoy. Normally Cloud City is hesitant to get involved with the Rebellion, but they’re no friend to the Empire either. If you’re able to rescue Val from Imperial hands, he should at least be grateful enough to release the funds in your account. "

The holoprojector flashes and now displays a rotating image of a large bulk freighter.


“This is freighter M226, a Temple-class hauler with modular containment configurations. Our intelligence indicates that one of those modules is a detention block.”


“Tojen Val should be there. You’ll have to use on-site resources to determine his precise location.

“No doubt your recovered resources will be a boon to us, but we’re not sending you into the heart of a massive Imperial convoy just for a stack of credits.”

The holoprojector moves to the freighter’s drive section.

“Your other objective will be to cause a delayed reactor cascade, so that when the convoy drops out of hyperspace, the drive reactor goes critical, destroying M226 and hopefully a good swath of the rest of the convoy. You will, of course, need to find a way off the ship before it arrives. I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” the General adds with a chuckle.

The image changes again to a solar system.

“This is the Remduba system. Near the North end of the Perlemian Trade Route, it’s where the convoy will form for supply. It’s an ideal location for them, sparsely populated. Remduba II itself is uninhabited, but orbiting over it is Martle Station.”

The image zooms into the barren-looking planet, and then to the orbiting platform.

“It’s Imperial-governed, but security is very lax. They are probably unaware of the significance of the convoy that passes through here. We’ll insert you there from a transport. You’ll be posing as traders on the platform.

Once there, you’re on your own. You’ll have to wait for the convoy to arrive and then find your own way on board M226.

Your contact will be Passk, a Trandoshan merchant. He may be able to provide you some local intelligence."


" Finally, you’ve been assigned an intelligence specialist. Corporal Wes Novar should prove useful to you. He’s already embedded in the Remduba system, you’ll be able to contact him via commlink. He’ll be able to help you with intel-related matters. Be careful though, too much chatter on unrecognized frequencies could tip the Imperials off. And it goes without saying, but once the convoy has jumped to lightspeed, you won’t be able to contact him, or anyone else. "

" Also, I’d prefer you all to come back alive. I’m giving you a medic. Sergeant Kya is now attached to Iron Squadron. She can hold her own in a fight, but she’ll patch you up in a pinch. Try not to need it too much, if you can help it.

That should cover it. I’m sure you’ll be able to manage yourselves. Good luck, and may the Force be with you."


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