Tales of the Iron Horse

Perlemian Haul Part 2

36:2:15 GrS

With freighter M226 in chaos, Iron Squadron must press their advantage. With their new Toydarrian companion in tow, they rush to the stern to sabotage the engines, setting them to blow when the freighter leaves hyperspace—and hopefully the rest of the convoy.

By this time, the jig is mostly up and Iron Squadron’s every movement is a firefight in the corridors. They manage to get to cargo control and vent the entirety of the unmarked cargo module.

When they return to the module, they find it is stocked with highly classified prototype TIE fighters, including a squadron of TIE Hunters and a single TIE Phantom.

With little time to consider slaves or other innocent lives, Iron Squadron takes off and leaves the freighter, in hyperspace, before making their own jump to their rendezvous point.


greendeklan greendeklan

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