Tales of the Iron Horse

Perlemian Haul: Part I

36:1:15 GrS

Iron Squadron arrives at Martle Station to infiltrate the secret Imperial convoy known as the Perlemian Haul. After meeting with their contact Passk, they are able to subdue an Imperial officer Commander Horn. Using his code cylinder to obtain information on the convoy, they prepare to sneak aboard using the guise of dock crew.

With some minor tussle, they are able to stow away on freighter M226. After securing some weapons and Navy trooper gear, Iron Squadron reaches the detention module. Here they learn that many of the inmates are slaves being transported to labor facilities. Before they can locate Tojen Val, Let Rindo activates the cell release function, and a riot ensues. They are able to make quick work of the guards, but not before the guards made contact with the bridge.

After Val meets up with Iron Squadron, Jad Slarka is able to release the security seal on the module. Iron Squadron directs the prisoners to the supply module while they head on toward the stern…

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Bonus (Let, Kya): 5 XP

XP Totals

Duty/Obligation Triggers

  • Duty: Let Rindo — Sabotage
  • Obligation: Dash Tharand — Oath (Emancipate slaves)

Duty Rank


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