Tales of the Iron Horse

The Battle of the Gauntlet

Choosing a Side

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode I: The Battle of the Gauntlet

35:10:10 GrS

With the Imperial attack imminent, Arda Base is mobilized for evacuation. The now-marooned former crew of the Iron Horse are tasked with heading through the Gauntlet to detonate a rock face and impede the oncoming Imperial walkers. Zed is sent to provide cover for the Rebels by sniper fire. Aiding the frantic Rebels along the way, they are able to do so and destroy most of the force of AT-AT’s. With Imperial Sandtroopers moving then to seize the base on foot, the Rebel forces in the gauntlet fall back while most of Rust and Dust squadrons fighter complement fall to the swarms of TIE fighters.

Back at the base, Urel Haydon asks the crew to escort the stubborn Setenna Hase to her transport. Reluctantly she agrees, but does not have time to listen to their discovery of a traitor in their midst, or the device they left behind..

When the squad sent to overload the generators is wiped out by Sandtroopers, the crew take the lead and move through the maintenance shafts to conduct the sabotage. With the base ready to blow, the crew return to the hangar only to find the last transport has no escort.

Harl Bess speaks with General Niall who commands him to put the remainder of Dust and Rust Squadrons as well as the crew in the “assets” and have them escort. Reluctantly, Bess agrees and opens the cargo containers that were previously delivered by the Iron Horse. The containers each extend a long steel arm, on which are mounted starfighters, one with A-wings and the other with B-wings (B-Wing/E allowing for a dedicated Gunner position). The crew opt to join with Dust Squadron and pilot the B-wings, under the command of Squadron Leader Lt. Lanoo Tylva. Rindo and Lofbacca form Dust 2 and Tharand and Slarka form Dust 3.

The squadron lures the TIE swarms through the canyons of the Gauntlet and are quickly closed upon by TIE Interceptors and LN fighters. Using the B-Wing’s supreme maneuverability they are able to outflank the fighters, but not before the advanced TIE Hunter torpedoes Tylva’s craft. Rindo quickly maneuvers behind the Hunter and returns the favor with torpedoes of his own, which prove too much for the nimble but fragile fighter. With the transport safely out of orbit, the squadron flies to pursue and make the jump out of the system, just as the Star Destroyers launch waves and waves of fighters.

The squadron rendezvous with the fleet at the Eedoq system where over transmission, Advisor Hase gives a mournful but inspiring speech to the beleaguered Rebel forces.

The remainder of Dust Squadron are then informed that if they would have, it they will receive commissions and the callsign of Iron Squadron.

Once aboard the Fury of Alderaan, Hase formally thanks them and welcomes them to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Some officers are still unsure, but their accusations go unsaid for now. There is much to be done for now, a new base must be established, and there remains the matter of who betrayed their location…


XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Finding a mysterious device: 5 XP
  • Defeating the Viper probe droid: 5 XP
  • Successfully detonating the rock bridge: 5 XP
  • Setting the generators to overload: 5 XP
    TOTAL 25 XP

Duty Rank


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