Tales of the Iron Horse

The Jewel of Yavin - Episode I

Scoping things out

The Jewel of Yavin

Episode I: Odds and Opportunity

35:8:16 GrS

Knowing that the crew of the Iron Horse is in need of work, Zukesh is able to leverage the tip he acquired from business contacts. This leads them to Cloud City in what is supposed to be a smuggling job. Their liaison will be Aris Shend.

Upon arriving, they soon find their employer is Aris’s father, Arend Shen, and his smuggling job is in fact the heist of a lifetime. Their task will be to not only the Jewel of Yavin—currently owned by Marus Grayson—while it is on display for auction, but then to slice into the auction’s funding account to steal the winning bid as well. Doing so will require much preparation, cunning, and daring.

The Dirt

The crew investigates the bidders to acquire as much information possible that could be leveraged during the auction gala to drive up the bids.

The Joint
They also investigate the Figg & Associates Art Museum to determine its floor plan, security features, personnel, and any potential weaknesses.

The Slice
Slicing into the auction’s funding account will require great finesse, so the crew prepares and make all necessary arrangements for slicing into the account to divert the winning funds.

-Obtain adequate computer spike
-Sample Cloud City’s government encryption
-Make preparations to deal with Lobot

The Prix
One of the surest ways to access the auction gala is to win the Cloud City Grand Prix, a prestigious race surrounding the city in cloud cars. In order to win, preparation will be key.

-Acquire Cloud Car and secure berth in the race
-Make any desired modifications to the Cloud Car
-Investigate competition

35:8:20 GrS
Racing under the banner of “Mynock Motors”, Let Rindo starting from the back of the grid with gunner Zed, manage to avoid the perilous circuit of Tibannucks, Beldons, explosive gases, Velkers, and ever-increasing blaster fire from the other racers, and rocket to the head of the pack, landing squarely in first place and on their way to the auction gala.

With Hunn, Rayzer, and many of the other backmarkers blasted out of the field, the final podium was

  1. L. Rindo, Mynock Motors
  2. R. Carrae, Team Carbine
  3. J. Zinton, Force Corellia


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