Tales of the Iron Horse

The Jewel of Yavin - Episode III

Plan B.

The Jewel of Yavin

Episode III: Escape to the Clouds

35:8:21 GrS

Thinking fast, Jundan Draylock instructs the others to escape out the drop hatches of the smuggling compartment, just before he welcomes the Wing Guard on to search the ship. They are following a transponder attached to some of the stolen artifacts. The crew soon escape out the hangar only to run into some goons sent by Arend Shen, now displeased with the group’s apparent betrayal.

They duck into the Grand Galaxy Holo-Park and make use of its many distractions to get the upper hand on Shen’s goons, able to quickly dispatch them. With the Wing Guard hot on their tail, Jad Slarka slices into the holoprojectors to confuse them with hundred of doubles of the crew.

The Wing Guard are able to get the holoprojectors shut down but only just as the crew escape through the crowds and into the central wind corridor. Using a maintenance lift (commandeered from an Ugnaught service technician) they quickly descend to the very bottom of the Cloud City structure to rendezvous with Jundan and the Iron Horse at ventral port 4. As they board, they are accosted by a Bespin Defense Force cloud car, who pursues them, but the cloud car is blasted into the clouds just as the Iron Horse rockets out of atmo.

Before the navicomputer can get a starfix, Arend Shen’s yacht The Venture cruises into view with six Z95 headhunters prepared to intercept. The turrets fire into them wildly but the blasts find no targets, and Dash Tharand scrambles to keep the ship flying, over Jundan’s pleas to keep his boat intact. The fighters launch a volley of missiles, with a few finding their way to the ship, punching a hole in the Iron Horse’s hull. Things look grim, but Jad manages to punch a course in and the ship jumps to hyperspace, and safety, for now…

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Eluding pursuers in the Holo-Park: 10 XP
  • Escaping from Bespin Defense Force: 5 XP



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