Tales of the Iron Horse

The Battle of the Gauntlet
Choosing a Side

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode I: The Battle of the Gauntlet

35:10:10 GrS

With the Imperial attack imminent, Arda Base is mobilized for evacuation. The now-marooned former crew of the Iron Horse are tasked with heading through the Gauntlet to detonate a rock face and impede the oncoming Imperial walkers. Zed is sent to provide cover for the Rebels by sniper fire. Aiding the frantic Rebels along the way, they are able to do so and destroy most of the force of AT-AT’s. With Imperial Sandtroopers moving then to seize the base on foot, the Rebel forces in the gauntlet fall back while most of Rust and Dust squadrons fighter complement fall to the swarms of TIE fighters.

Back at the base, Urel Haydon asks the crew to escort the stubborn Setenna Hase to her transport. Reluctantly she agrees, but does not have time to listen to their discovery of a traitor in their midst, or the device they left behind..

When the squad sent to overload the generators is wiped out by Sandtroopers, the crew take the lead and move through the maintenance shafts to conduct the sabotage. With the base ready to blow, the crew return to the hangar only to find the last transport has no escort.

Harl Bess speaks with General Niall who commands him to put the remainder of Dust and Rust Squadrons as well as the crew in the “assets” and have them escort. Reluctantly, Bess agrees and opens the cargo containers that were previously delivered by the Iron Horse. The containers each extend a long steel arm, on which are mounted starfighters, one with A-wings and the other with B-wings (B-Wing/E allowing for a dedicated Gunner position). The crew opt to join with Dust Squadron and pilot the B-wings, under the command of Squadron Leader Lt. Lanoo Tylva. Rindo and Lofbacca form Dust 2 and Tharand and Slarka form Dust 3.

The squadron lures the TIE swarms through the canyons of the Gauntlet and are quickly closed upon by TIE Interceptors and LN fighters. Using the B-Wing’s supreme maneuverability they are able to outflank the fighters, but not before the advanced TIE Hunter torpedoes Tylva’s craft. Rindo quickly maneuvers behind the Hunter and returns the favor with torpedoes of his own, which prove too much for the nimble but fragile fighter. With the transport safely out of orbit, the squadron flies to pursue and make the jump out of the system, just as the Star Destroyers launch waves and waves of fighters.

The squadron rendezvous with the fleet at the Eedoq system where over transmission, Advisor Hase gives a mournful but inspiring speech to the beleaguered Rebel forces.

The remainder of Dust Squadron are then informed that if they would have, it they will receive commissions and the callsign of Iron Squadron.

Once aboard the Fury of Alderaan, Hase formally thanks them and welcomes them to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Some officers are still unsure, but their accusations go unsaid for now. There is much to be done for now, a new base must be established, and there remains the matter of who betrayed their location…


XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Finding a mysterious device: 5 XP
  • Defeating the Viper probe droid: 5 XP
  • Successfully detonating the rock bridge: 5 XP
  • Setting the generators to overload: 5 XP
    TOTAL 25 XP

Duty Rank

Onslaught at Arda I - Episode I

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode I: The Battle of the Gauntlet

35:10:10 GrS

With their cargo in tow, the crew of the Iron Horse make their way to their buyer’s destination: Arda I, home to a secret base of the Rebel Alliance. Upon arrival, they are guided by Major Yalor into the Gauntlet. Unexpected interference blocks the computer guidance and Dash Tharand is forced to fly the Iron Horse through the harrowing gulch manually. They soon have company, in the form of of strange reptillian flying creatures, bent on bringing the ship down. The crew are able to cut a swath long enough to get the ship into the Rebel base hangar. Frustrated with the damage, Jundan Draylock sends the crew to handle the details with the base command.

Needing help with the base’s computer core, Jad Slarka is asked to provide assistance. Yalor escorts the others to C&C (Command and Control), offering his sincere amazement at the crew’s flying and shooting skills, able to negotiate the Gauntlet as well as they did under manual control. He says again that does not understand the source of the interference they experienced, and is concerned that it is something he’s been attempting to track lately. He also has no idea what sort of beasts pursued them, as most of the local wildlife is not airborne or aggressive.

At C&C, the crew meet Senior Advisor Setenna Hase and her assistant Var Narek. They learn that she acts as the civilian commander, in conjunction with military leaders Commander Danel Qurno, and General Ran Niall.

Hase informs them that their Vortex squadron leader Jerrod Lourdas has fallen ill, and the crew’s assistance on patrol would be valued. As the Iron Horse needs time for repairs anyway, the crew agrees, and is given the run of most of the base until their patrol’s appointed time.

Some personalities met at the base:

  • Senior Advisor Setenna Hase, civillian commander of Arda Base, welcoming but reserved
  • Commander Danel Qurno, Duros military commander, oversees ground forces
  • General Ran Niall, military commander, oversees military strategy and Arda Base fleet
  • Var Narek, assistant to Setenna Hase, sees to many duties but is at the crew’s disposal if they need anything from C&C
  • Major Yalor, Sullustan duty officer often in charge of maintenance of craft, friendly and welcoming to the crew, pleased with their performance in the Gauntlet
  • Urel Haydon, jovial keeper of the Mess and bar, grizzled and maimed due to his service, but friendly
  • Doctor Lorren Morrick, intelligent and attractive medical officer, professional and business-oriented
  • Jerrod Lourdas, pilot and leader of Vortex Squadron, recently fallen ill and in medbay
  • Captain Harl Bess, oversees the hangar, cold and reserved, unsure about the crew but trust’s Yalor’s word on their competence. The crew report to him to take off on Vortex patrol.

At 1500 hours, the crew join Harl Bess in the (truly massive) hangar for Vortex patrol. Apart from the T47 modified airspeeders that comprise Vortex Squadron, the nearly 2km-long hangar is filled with rows and rows of Z95 Headhunters and some Y-Wing starfighters. Let Rindo and Lofbacca form Vortex 2 and Dash Tharand and Zed form Vortex 3.

They take off on patrol and survey sector 16 with no problems. In sector 17, they pick up more interference and trace it to its source, a black object roughly 1 meter in diameter, clamped to a rock face. Reporting back to control, Yalor is concerned. He tells them to continue patrol while he has some engineers examine the object. In sector 18, the crew encounter a rogue Imperial probe droid. Alarmed, they immediately engage and destroy the probe before it can react.

Before they can congratulate themselves, however, they see the silhouette just out of atmosphere of two Imperial Star Destroyers, with a steady stream of smaller craft descending on Arda Base. Before they can fully recognize what they see, they recognize the familiar blue engine wash of a Corellian freighter leaving atmosphere….

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
Marked for Death

35:10:1 GrS

With ZD-109 “Zed” having his systems upgraded, the crew are operating one man down, but are still up to the task. Boarding the Pioneer, the crew are able to elude detection. With some fast talking and a surprising display of Force abilities by Let Rindo, they are able to subdue the crew in the cockpit area and move about the ship unhindered. Jad Slarka quickly has the communications jammed and the computer scrambled.

They are able to release the designated cargo pods, but Jundan soon informs them that another ship has arrived and is closing fast. Before they can escape, the ship has cut through the hull of the bridge and they hear the sounds of the crew being slaughtered by blaster fire.

A stern feminine voice announces herself on the overhead.

I am Kelthas of House Renliss, from the Bounty Hunters Guild. Let Rindo, Lofbacca, Jad Slarka, and Dash Tharand. You are wanted dead or alive by the Cloud City Wing Guard for crimes outstanding. Additionally, you are wanted alive by Cloud City Councillor Arend Shen for reasons unspecified. Dash Tharand, you are wanted by Imperial Penal Colony 17 for eluding justice. These bounties are duly served and their terms are non-negotiable. Your submission is hereby required.

The crew quickly leave, taking a hapless crewman of the Pioneer with them, and Dash takes over the helm to quickly grab the cargo. Kelthas is able to cause not inconsiderable damage to the Iron Horse before it is able to make the jump to hyperspace.

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
Easy Mark

35:9:30 GrS

“Alright guys, here’s the job.” The lights dim and Jundan calls up the holoprojector. A floating image appears of a ship. You may recognize it as a Space Master medium transport.

“This here is the Pioneer. She’s a transport owned by the firm Galactic Logistics, which is pretty much Imperialized now. According to the flight plans when she left, she’ll be making a stop in the Telnar system to await rendezvous with their Imperial pickup. Luckily for us, she’ll be waiting a whole day before that pickup, which gives us plenty of time to nab our buyer’s goods.”

“So here’s the plan: before we’re in sensor range, we drop a jamming probe into their field. Their sensors shouldn’t be sophisticated enough to compensate, and they’ll never know we’re anywhere near.”

‘’Then we’ll park right up on their docking ring and bust in before they know what hit ‘em. The crew shouldn’t be too heavily armed, but still, be cautious. The jamming probe will only last a few minutes, so Jad , you’ll have to get to their systems and jam their comms. While you’re there, you’ll need to gum up their computer long enough to prevent it from capturing any record of our transponder. Don’t need more heat on our tail.’’

“The rest of you will have to get to the cargo control. Once you verify the inventory, release pods 2 and 3, then get back to the ship. We’ll get ’em on the mandibles after and jump the hell out of here. Any questions?”

The Jewel of Yavin - Episode III
Plan B.

The Jewel of Yavin

Episode III: Escape to the Clouds

35:8:21 GrS

Thinking fast, Jundan Draylock instructs the others to escape out the drop hatches of the smuggling compartment, just before he welcomes the Wing Guard on to search the ship. They are following a transponder attached to some of the stolen artifacts. The crew soon escape out the hangar only to run into some goons sent by Arend Shen, now displeased with the group’s apparent betrayal.

They duck into the Grand Galaxy Holo-Park and make use of its many distractions to get the upper hand on Shen’s goons, able to quickly dispatch them. With the Wing Guard hot on their tail, Jad Slarka slices into the holoprojectors to confuse them with hundred of doubles of the crew.

The Wing Guard are able to get the holoprojectors shut down but only just as the crew escape through the crowds and into the central wind corridor. Using a maintenance lift (commandeered from an Ugnaught service technician) they quickly descend to the very bottom of the Cloud City structure to rendezvous with Jundan and the Iron Horse at ventral port 4. As they board, they are accosted by a Bespin Defense Force cloud car, who pursues them, but the cloud car is blasted into the clouds just as the Iron Horse rockets out of atmo.

Before the navicomputer can get a starfix, Arend Shen’s yacht The Venture cruises into view with six Z95 headhunters prepared to intercept. The turrets fire into them wildly but the blasts find no targets, and Dash Tharand scrambles to keep the ship flying, over Jundan’s pleas to keep his boat intact. The fighters launch a volley of missiles, with a few finding their way to the ship, punching a hole in the Iron Horse’s hull. Things look grim, but Jad manages to punch a course in and the ship jumps to hyperspace, and safety, for now…

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Eluding pursuers in the Holo-Park: 10 XP
  • Escaping from Bespin Defense Force: 5 XP


Double or Nothing
Breaking & Entering

35:8:21 GrS

With the cash safely in their accounts and Jundan Draylock giving them a rundown of the guard duties, the crew are prepared to break into the Figg & Associates Art Museum to steal the Jewel of Yavin. Jundan has also provided them with the help of a pilot and ace marksman , Dash Tharand, who has been working in Fuddal’s entourage.

Zukesh has disappeared, though, and the crew has a narrow window to act. Deciding that they cannot afford to abandon the plan to find out what has happened to the Gand, they proceed to make their break. They settle on climbing into the central wind corridor from below, in lower Port Town, and make the arduous 100 floor climb to the 22nd level. Once there, they have a brief run-in with a flock of nesting rawwks, but are able to quickly evade them and slip into the museum’s maintenance room.

Jad is able to slice into the museum’s main systems and seal four of the guards in the Tapcafe. The crew quickly scrambles communications and moves to neutralize the security droid. Zed makes quick work of the remaining guards, but not before the others are able to escape the Tapcafe. Before any can escape to alert the Wing Guard, however, Jad locks the outer doors and the crew are able to dispatch of them.

At last, the Jewel of Yavin is there for the taking. Destroying its electrorailing defenses, they snatch up the jewel and prepare to escape.

But not before they Elaiza confronts them and asks them to hand it over, stating that she needs it to fight injustice in the galaxy. Not fully understanding why, Let Rindo quickly agrees to give her the gem. She makes mysterious comments about his potential, and thanks the crew, before bidding them goodbye.

The crew (ignoring calls from Arend Shen) grab what valuables they can and escape to Port Town, just before the guard shift change, only to find that the Iron Horse is not in dock. Let raises Jundan on comms, who is waiting beneath the clouds with the ship. He quickly lands and the crew boards, prepared to take off. However, the control tower halts their landing, as dozens of the Wing Guard storm into the bay…

Banking on a Break
Slicing Ahead

Just after the auction ends, the pressure is on for Jad Slarka to earn his place among the crew by slicing into the auction’s funding account and divert the funds. While Let Rindo arranges for assistance and getaway with Jundan Draylock, Jad, Zukesh, and Zed head to the lower industrial docks to apprehend a remote banking droid. Once they are able to deactivate him and return him to their apartment, Jad begins the work of slicing through.

It is a harrowing task, with many near misses. He creates many diversions and puts much of Cloud City’s administration on alert for countless phantom emergencies. At one point, they fake a transmission by an Imperial Moff to Lando Calrissian, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City. The ruse was unsuccessful but was at least enough to distract administration long enough for him to secure access to the banking system.

Though Jad was unable to avoid raising Lobot’s suspicious entirely, he was able at last to divert the funds without being detected.

All that remains now is to secure the Jewel itself…

The Jewel of Yavin - Episode II
Party on Cloud Nine

The Jewel of Yavin

Episode II: The Greatest Caper

35:8:20 GrS

Having won the Cloud City Grand Prix, the crew of the Iron Horse secures entrance to the auction gala. But with their droid companion Lorna deactivated, they need a slicer within six hours. Let Rindo is able to rustle up some info at the Four and a Half, ultimately meeting Jad Slarka, who’s up to the job as long as it means he gets off Cloud City. With new companion in tow, the crew heads to the Figg & Associates Art Museum that evening to enjoy the festivities.

Using the information they gathered, they leverage against the bidders, who drop out one by one as the pot becomes too rich.

After a close call between Zukesh and Fuddal the Hutt, Let Rindo makes contact with associate Jundan Draylock—now working for Fuddal as payment of his debt. Jundan, seeking both his freedom and the return of the Iron Horse, agrees to set up a meeting with the Hutt.

Using slightly better tack, the crew are able to negotiate for Fuddal’s continued bidding—even with the loss of the Jewel—in exchange for the delivery of Vorse Tabarith’s bookkeeper.

The auction dwindles to just two—Fuddal and Zekra Fol, who seems calm but relentless in the pursuit of acquiring the jewel for OREMC. At last though, Fuddal proves the “victor”, securing the Jewel of Yavin at 200,000 credits…

At Your Command

35:8:20 GrS

The encryption sample went south fast.

Lorna had to back out. She was already discovered in the network. But she had to back out before it could be traced to her, and her friends. She was losing time. She could feel Lobot’s tendrils closing in on her location. The game would be up soon. She could not compromise her friends.

What could she do? There was no other way.

A violent shock shot through her and into the uplink terminal.



The Jewel of Yavin - Episode I
Scoping things out

The Jewel of Yavin

Episode I: Odds and Opportunity

35:8:16 GrS

Knowing that the crew of the Iron Horse is in need of work, Zukesh is able to leverage the tip he acquired from business contacts. This leads them to Cloud City in what is supposed to be a smuggling job. Their liaison will be Aris Shend.

Upon arriving, they soon find their employer is Aris’s father, Arend Shen, and his smuggling job is in fact the heist of a lifetime. Their task will be to not only the Jewel of Yavin—currently owned by Marus Grayson—while it is on display for auction, but then to slice into the auction’s funding account to steal the winning bid as well. Doing so will require much preparation, cunning, and daring.

The Dirt

The crew investigates the bidders to acquire as much information possible that could be leveraged during the auction gala to drive up the bids.

The Joint
They also investigate the Figg & Associates Art Museum to determine its floor plan, security features, personnel, and any potential weaknesses.

The Slice
Slicing into the auction’s funding account will require great finesse, so the crew prepares and make all necessary arrangements for slicing into the account to divert the winning funds.

-Obtain adequate computer spike
-Sample Cloud City’s government encryption
-Make preparations to deal with Lobot

The Prix
One of the surest ways to access the auction gala is to win the Cloud City Grand Prix, a prestigious race surrounding the city in cloud cars. In order to win, preparation will be key.

-Acquire Cloud Car and secure berth in the race
-Make any desired modifications to the Cloud Car
-Investigate competition

35:8:20 GrS
Racing under the banner of “Mynock Motors”, Let Rindo starting from the back of the grid with gunner Zed, manage to avoid the perilous circuit of Tibannucks, Beldons, explosive gases, Velkers, and ever-increasing blaster fire from the other racers, and rocket to the head of the pack, landing squarely in first place and on their way to the auction gala.

With Hunn, Rayzer, and many of the other backmarkers blasted out of the field, the final podium was

  1. L. Rindo, Mynock Motors
  2. R. Carrae, Team Carbine
  3. J. Zinton, Force Corellia

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