Tales of the Iron Horse

Beyond the Rim Episode I
The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

36:5:2 GrS

The newly christened privateer ship Longshot is sent by Alliance Intelligence to speak with Reom of IsoTech, on the space station The Wheel, who claims to have a significant haul and is in need of discrete explorers. The crew meet with him soon after landing, in his inconspicuous office in the bowels of the The Wheel.

His pitch is nothing less than fantastical—hunt down the Sa Nalaor, a ship of near-mythical renown, supposedly a CIS banking frigate that disappeared at the end of the Clone Wars. Its haul has been the speculation of every fringer on the rim—riches, top secret super weapons, highly advanced technology, it’s all been guessed, and never found. This news is of particular distress to Dash Tharand, though he does not let this on easily to his comrades.

Reom claims to know where it is, based on a hyperspace beacon he recently received, addressed to his father from Captain Harsol of the Sa Nalaor, nearly 20 years old.

Finding her crew to be little more than upjumped pirates with a thirst for treasure, Kya decides her loyalty lies with the Rebel Alliance, and resigns her post at the Longshot to return to Resolute Base, continuing the fight she believes in.

Jad analyzes the data and determines a jump could be made to the planet where it was last seen, remote Cholganna. While the crew makes preparations and acquires provisions, Jad notices a treadwell droid tampering with the Longshot’s hull. He is soon able to have it detained and disabled by Wheel Security, who take it into their custody, though they allow Jad to determine that the droid did not seem to be malfunctioning, and had nothing to determine its ownership.

When Reom’s appointed companion of IT-3PO fails to show up by launch time, the Longshot’s crew seeks to investigate and returns to IsoTech’s offices, finding them ransacked and IT-3PO being carried off by Rodian thugs: The Yiyar Clan.

Making chase, the privateers pursue the Yiyars and are able to impede their flight enough to recover the distraught protocol droid, but not before the Rodians blast off (unlawfully) from their hangar in their Nightflyer. With no time to spare, the Longshot ignores the protests of the Wheel’s control, launching in pursuit of the Nightflyer. Though both are pursued by Wheel Security’s short range fighters, the freighters both make a hot jump to hyperspace, racing to distant Cholganna, and—they hope—its hidden treasures….

The Longshot

36:4:25 GrS

General Danel Qurno lightly slapped the dull grey hull. “She’s a bit space-worn, but she’ll hold together.” The freighter loomed in the newly-erected hangar of Resolute Base. Nova Couriers weren’t that old, but this one had clearly seen her share of the war. Still, a ship’s a ship.

Qurno offered a rare smile. “Besides, I’m sure you can keep anything with burners aloft. It’s a shame to lose you. But we all do our own part.”

He called attention to the personnel assembled in the hangar and cleared this throat. "The YKL-37R Nova Courier Longshot is hereby decommissioned from Alliance service. As payment for services rendered, she is bequeathed to independent operator Let Rindo and his crew. "

Qurno then offered his hand to shake Rindo’s, “She’s all yours—Captain.” The assembled troopers offer an extended moment of applause before the general dismisses them to their duties. He then hands a datapad to the new captain of the Longshot.

It lights up to read:

Be it known that Let Rindo, owner of the private vessel Longshot, is now recognized by the Alliance to Restore the Republic as license to conduct raids upon the Imperial government, subsidiaries, and supporters, to capture such cargo, properties and vessels as they may own, and to deliver them unto the Alliance. Further, to capture officers of the Imperial military, government, and supporters. He is also authorized and expected to pursue the war against the Empire as he is able, while in no case endangering the innocent civilian public and without causing undue damage to property.

The owner shall surrender all proceeds of such activities to the review of the Alliance, and in return shall be awarded 50 percent of their value. The Alliance shall also award fixed bounties for the confirmed destruction of Imperial properties.

In return, the Alliance shall render such aid as it can, subject to availability and discretion, including shelter, intelligence, repair, stocking, and fueling. Those members of the crew, formerly criminals, are hereby granted amnesty, so long as they serve our cause, or until the Empire is destroyed, and do not commit further crimes. Should they do so, they shall be subject to all charges, and summarily imprisoned.

All slaves found in the course of duty shall be free, all illicit substances destroyed. The Alliance may choose to buy an entire cargo, as needed.

This letter shall hold in effect for one year from its date, when it shall be reviewed. If either party is dissatisfied, the contract may be dissolved. The Alliance reserves the right to assign observers to the ship, for the purpose of this review.

Ral’Rai Muvunc
Supreme Allied Commander
Ordnance and Supply

Qurno signals the controllers to prepare for the Longshot’s takeoff, giving the crew some final advice on the ramp. “Keep your nose clean, or at least where we can’t see it.”

36:5:10 GrS

Weeks into their new career as privateers, the Longshot receives a message from Alliance Intelligence, their previous acquaintance Airen Cracken. “We have a lead on some possible materiel. We’ll need someone of your…disposition. The technology firm IsoTech is looking for freelancers. He’s keeping it hushed, but our sources suggest it’s a hell of a catch. Make your way to The Wheel and get a meeting with Reom, president of IsoTech. Cracken out.”

Dead in the Water Part 2

36:3:13 GrS

With the Shadow Raptor under control of Imperial droids, Iron Squadron must regain control of the ship—or at least prevent the Empire from taking its intelligence. Sneaking about the Raptor with the occasional standoff between droids, Iron Squadron regains life support and hyperdrive in turn, before releasing enough personnel to overtake the droids. Quickly jumping away from the looming black hole, the Shadow Raptor is safely in Alliance control again, and Iron Squadron commended for their daring actions in service to the Rebellion.

Dead in the Water Part 1

36:3:12 GrS

With the chaos of freighter M226 well behind them, Iron Squadron looks forward to a mission far more routine, and to their sensibilities. Dispatched to the Alliance Intelligence flaship Shadow Raptor, they soon find their orders being given by no less than General Airen Cracken himself.

Their job is to covertly travel to the station of Port Tooga (aboard the small independent freighter Spinster’s Loom) and negotiate for Alliance to purchase some much-needed droids from the privateer ship Contispex Crusader. The Alliance will pay up to 4 million credits.

Arriving on the station, Iron Squadron are more comfortable with the local color than usual Rebellion protocol, though they make some enemies in the form of drunken wookiees. This is enough to draw the attention of Shyndi Oglerk, captain of the Contispex Crusader.

After somewhat uneasy negotiation, the deal is made and the crew slave the droid barge’s circuits to the Loom’s hyperdrive, making their way back to he Shadow Raptor.

With their part of the mission believed to be over, Iron Squadron gets ready to debrief while the Shadow Raptor jumps to hyperspace.

Before long, a sickening lurch halts the ship, and most power fails. Iron Squadron struggles to get in contact with the bridge, where one officer reports trouble before sounds of a scuffle are heard. A droid’s voice then declared the ship “property of the Galactic Empire.” The shipment of droids would appear to be a trap.

What’s more, Iron Squadron would soon learn, the Shadow Raptor dropped out of hyperspace near a black hole, and with no power, was listing slowly toward its event horizon….

Kya's Journal; 36:1:16 GrS

36:1:16 GrS

I was happy to return to Resolute Base after the sortie aboard the freighter. Every muscle in my body ached and I was eager for a shower. I dropped my kit off in Iron Squadron’s ready room. It felt odd to think of myself as a part of the squadron.
I sat atop my trunk for a moment, catching my breath. My heart was still threatening to burst from my chest. I reached into my breast pocket and withdrew the tiny holo-projector that I kept on me at all times.

I activated it and a small hologram of an twi’lek female appeared. She had a smile similar to mine; as rare as it was recently. I felt a lump form in my throat as I looked into the hologram’s eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting back tears. My mind’s eye flashed back to the moment where I threw a blaster bolt into the back Engineering Officer’s head. I felt a tiny tear slip down my cheek.

“That was for you Kluub,” I reassured myself. I shut off the projector before I broke down completely. I got up to access the contents of my trunk. I pulled out a fresh uniform. Underneath was Daesha, a stuffed animal version of a Bibfort. Misha had given it to me as a gift. I slept with Daesha every night, holding her close. I squeezed the stuffed animal tightly, as tears began to trickle down my cheeks.

I heard the door hiss open and I threw Daesha back into my trunk and slammed it shut, not eager for my comrades to see me with a plush toy. A fan of Heavy Isotope music shouldn’t sleep with stuffed bibfort. Wiping the tears from my face with my sleeve, I grabbed my fatigues. Without looking to see who had entered, I pushed my way into the hallway and made for the showers.

Perlemian Haul Part 2

36:2:15 GrS

With freighter M226 in chaos, Iron Squadron must press their advantage. With their new Toydarrian companion in tow, they rush to the stern to sabotage the engines, setting them to blow when the freighter leaves hyperspace—and hopefully the rest of the convoy.

By this time, the jig is mostly up and Iron Squadron’s every movement is a firefight in the corridors. They manage to get to cargo control and vent the entirety of the unmarked cargo module.

When they return to the module, they find it is stocked with highly classified prototype TIE fighters, including a squadron of TIE Hunters and a single TIE Phantom.

With little time to consider slaves or other innocent lives, Iron Squadron takes off and leaves the freighter, in hyperspace, before making their own jump to their rendezvous point.

Perlemian Haul: Part I

36:1:15 GrS

Iron Squadron arrives at Martle Station to infiltrate the secret Imperial convoy known as the Perlemian Haul. After meeting with their contact Passk, they are able to subdue an Imperial officer Commander Horn. Using his code cylinder to obtain information on the convoy, they prepare to sneak aboard using the guise of dock crew.

With some minor tussle, they are able to stow away on freighter M226. After securing some weapons and Navy trooper gear, Iron Squadron reaches the detention module. Here they learn that many of the inmates are slaves being transported to labor facilities. Before they can locate Tojen Val, Let Rindo activates the cell release function, and a riot ensues. They are able to make quick work of the guards, but not before the guards made contact with the bridge.

After Val meets up with Iron Squadron, Jad Slarka is able to release the security seal on the module. Iron Squadron directs the prisoners to the supply module while they head on toward the stern…

XP earned

  • Session: 5 XP
  • Bonus (Let, Kya): 5 XP

XP Totals

Duty/Obligation Triggers

  • Duty: Let Rindo — Sabotage
  • Obligation: Dash Tharand — Oath (Emancipate slaves)

Duty Rank

Operation: Iron Krayt
Into the belly of the beast

36:1:8 GrS

" First things first: I apologize for your loss of Lofbacca , but good engineers are hard to find and Major Yalor needs all the help he can get fixing up our fighters. "

In General Qurno’s office, the holoprojector flickers to life, bringing up a spherical star chart.

“You’ve heard of the Perlemian Haul?” he asks, manipulating the controls. “Well it does exist. We’ve just confirmed its existence. A massive Imperial convoy travelling undercover on one of the Galaxy’s biggest trade routes.”

The star chart zooms in on the familiar Perlemian Trade Route.


“Millions of tons of materiel and other assets are being hauled to Imperial outposts, and no one would ever guess.

" We’ve been following up on your idea. There’s a Cloud City Central Bank executive by the name of Tojen Val that’s found himself under Imperial scrutiny. It would appear Marus Grayson turned over every rock he could find after your little caper. Val has been arrested and is now being transferred on the convoy. Normally Cloud City is hesitant to get involved with the Rebellion, but they’re no friend to the Empire either. If you’re able to rescue Val from Imperial hands, he should at least be grateful enough to release the funds in your account. "

The holoprojector flashes and now displays a rotating image of a large bulk freighter.


“This is freighter M226, a Temple-class hauler with modular containment configurations. Our intelligence indicates that one of those modules is a detention block.”


“Tojen Val should be there. You’ll have to use on-site resources to determine his precise location.

“No doubt your recovered resources will be a boon to us, but we’re not sending you into the heart of a massive Imperial convoy just for a stack of credits.”

The holoprojector moves to the freighter’s drive section.

“Your other objective will be to cause a delayed reactor cascade, so that when the convoy drops out of hyperspace, the drive reactor goes critical, destroying M226 and hopefully a good swath of the rest of the convoy. You will, of course, need to find a way off the ship before it arrives. I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” the General adds with a chuckle.

The image changes again to a solar system.

“This is the Remduba system. Near the North end of the Perlemian Trade Route, it’s where the convoy will form for supply. It’s an ideal location for them, sparsely populated. Remduba II itself is uninhabited, but orbiting over it is Martle Station.”

The image zooms into the barren-looking planet, and then to the orbiting platform.

“It’s Imperial-governed, but security is very lax. They are probably unaware of the significance of the convoy that passes through here. We’ll insert you there from a transport. You’ll be posing as traders on the platform.

Once there, you’re on your own. You’ll have to wait for the convoy to arrive and then find your own way on board M226.

Your contact will be Passk, a Trandoshan merchant. He may be able to provide you some local intelligence."


" Finally, you’ve been assigned an intelligence specialist. Corporal Wes Novar should prove useful to you. He’s already embedded in the Remduba system, you’ll be able to contact him via commlink. He’ll be able to help you with intel-related matters. Be careful though, too much chatter on unrecognized frequencies could tip the Imperials off. And it goes without saying, but once the convoy has jumped to lightspeed, you won’t be able to contact him, or anyone else. "

" Also, I’d prefer you all to come back alive. I’m giving you a medic. Sergeant Kya is now attached to Iron Squadron. She can hold her own in a fight, but she’ll patch you up in a pinch. Try not to need it too much, if you can help it.

That should cover it. I’m sure you’ll be able to manage yourselves. Good luck, and may the Force be with you."

Changing of the Guard
New efforts for a New Year

35:10:35 GrS

“On this, the Eve of a new Galactic Year, we must reflect on the past year, not dwelling on our defeats, but building on our victories…”

Senior Advisor Setenna Hase speaks from the platform, loudly, without the aid of a holoprojector. The troops of Resolute Base are formed on what is charitably called the parade ground. The uniforms are as well-kempt as can be managed in the aftermath of the Arda assault. Following the rescue of Hase, the spirits of the base have been much higher, and all seem to be ready to go into the New Year with redoubled effort.


Iron Squadron is the smallest element on the field, but placed prominently at the front. Its five members stand stoically at rest; Private Balta shuffles awkwardly, having played no part in the group’s heroism, only been assigned days after their successful return from Ord Radama.

“This was not the year that the Empire routed the Rebels at Arda I,” continues Hase. “This was the year the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star!” She pauses to let the crowd’s cheers subside._ “…and showed the Empire that their iron grip does not reach as far as they might think. Yes, we have suffered some setbacks. And we have lost many. But now is the time to move forward. It is in that spirit that I execute my given orders. Commander Qurno,”_ the Duros officer stands and approaches her on the platform, offering a salute.

After returning it, Advisor Hase produces a datapad and reads aloud from it,

" Danel Qurno , by the order of Mon Mothma, Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance to Restore Republic, I confer on you the rank of General, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto." She lowers the datapad to pin new insignia to Qurno’s uniform. “I therefore now appoint you Senior Military Commander of Resolute Base, and all Alliance units in the Jaga’s Cluster. Please assume command effective immediately.”


Qurno shakes Hase’s hand and bows his head briefly before turning to address the formation.

“I know that most of you have served a long time under General Niall. Many of you have never served under anyone else. Some of you even defected from the Empire with him. Your dedication—and his—to our cause will never be taken for granted. I cannot replace him. I will not try. But I can remember him. He was my mentor, and one of the finest leaders we will ever see. I will endeavor to lead you in a way that he would approve.”


“But as Advisor Hase has said, now is a time for moving forward. Let us go into this New Year with renewed determination. Let us capitalize on our victories over the Empire, and continue to show them that our resolve will not wane. That no matter their atrocities, they will be answered.

“Had things gone differently, this might be a much darker day. Were it not for the efforts of a small group of heroes, our esteemed Advisor might be at this very moment in Imperial hands, tortured. Were it not for their efforts on Arda, we may not have ever escaped. I know that many of you may have been suspicious of their motivations and loyalties. But let their past be a testament to the fact that the Empire’s reach affects all walks of life. Let it show that it is the right of all sentient creatures to oppose tyranny. We must be united in our cause against the Empire, and the heroes of Iron Squadron have shown their devotion to that cause. Join me, then, in welcoming them to Resolute Base, and to the Rebel Alliance.”

Applause rings from the formation, around and behind Iron Squadron. Qurno offers something of a smile to the small unit.

“We have much work to do. But let tonight be a night of celebration. And tomorrow, let the New Year begin. And let each day of that year be one less day of tyranny! Dismissed!”

The formation’s heels click together and the troops begin to disperse, celebrations beginning and lasting long into the night.

36:1:1 GrS

Private Balta escorts Iron Squadron down a series of corridors in one of the smaller buildings, through what appears to be a maintenance building. He arrives at a door on which is a hastily made sign reading “Iron Squadron”. He opens it tentatively. “This is your—I mean..our—ah…ready room..” The door slides open to reveal a smallish room that may have once been storage, now made into quarters. It is poorly lit and sparely furnished. There are a two bunk beds against two of the walls, with trunks at each. Two desks line the other walls and a table sits in the middle of the room. An adjoining door bears the words “F/Sgt Rindo”.

“That’ll be you, sarge. I mean, you’re all sarge. But I meant you. Er, that is to say, Sergeant Rindo.” The private coughs and tries to recompose himself. “You..that is to say, we, er, Iron Squadron now report directly to Commander Qurno. General. I mean General Qurno. Sir. Sergeant.” He coughs again. “I’ll start unpacking my things.”

Rindo’s room appears to have been a closet. It contains a single bed, trunk, and small desk. The only lighting appears to be the desk lamp.

After some time settling in, the group is paid a visit by General Qurno. When realizing he’s in the room, Balta snaps to attention and begins babbling apologies. Qurno sends him back to his tasks.

“Your talents have already proven their usefulness to us. We hope to put them to greater use going forward. Unfortunately there is little we can do to deploy you at the moment. The base, and even the Rebellion, have very limited resources..”

“General,” one of the members chime in. “we may be able to help you there. Have you ever heard of the Jewel of Yavin….”

Onslaught at Arda I - Episode III

Onslaught at Arda I

Episode III: Rendezvous at Ord Radama

35:10:23 GrS Ord_Radama.png

Jumping quickly into Hyperspace, Iron Squadron races to beat Var Narek to Ord Radama. With the information provided by Urel Haydon, the group have a good lead time. After a series of jumps, the Calamity briefly stalls, leaving them a few hours behind. Finally on the right track, the crew pilot the Calamity along the Daragon Trail, but encounter some trouble when they run into the ISD Eternal Wrath. Let Rindo is able to convince them to allow the freighter to pass and soon Iron Squadron are bearing down on the purple jewel of Ord Radama.

Landing in the spaceport of the capital, Liven Magnus, the crew scan the dock records and learn that Narek has not yet arrived. Following Haydon’s instruction to seek out a Haril Zense, the group seek out a cantina and are directed to the local dive, The Scarlet Sword. The bartender is friendly enough, but Zense’s name brings a hush to the room and a gruff man in the back invites them to sit down. After establishing their credentials, Iron Squadron and Zense trade information and determine that a recent bombing appears to have been staged by an unknown Imperial intelligence agent to be blamed on the Rebellion. He also reveals that the attack killed members of the Narek family.

It becomes clear Narek’s motivations were manipulated, but it’s unknown where he would go. Records of his family home have been redacted from public documentation. After some investigation at the governor’s mansion, the group determine the location and race in speeder to get there in time. After forcing themselves into his manor estate, they have a brief confrontation before forcing Narek to yield, realizing he has been duped by the Empire.


He does not have Hase with him, and he leads them to the rear garage. But by then, the grounds are swarming with Imperial Stormtroopers, and the Imperial Intelligence agent reveals himself, Malau Jocaos. Firing mortally at Narek and escaping with Hase on a swoop bike, the group must act quickly to prevent the situation from disintegrating further. Dash Tharand is able to barely stabilize Narek. He’s thrown onto the back of Lofbacca’s bike and Iron Squadron burst into a chase. Lofbacca bowls over a team of Stormtroopers and Dash leads the pursuit, with Let and Jad providing support.

“How could I have been so wrong? I let my grief blind me, and because of that, so many others have now lost their lives. I’m so sorry…” -Var Narek, on realizing his error

They chase Jocaos back to Livien Magnus, where he appears to be making a line for the Opera House. At the last moment, he dives into an alley. By the time the group catch up, they find his bike ditched. Quick searching reveals a secret passage, and the crew hurry into the structure below, leaving Narek behind and informing Zense that he should be secured and helped immediately. They can see Hase being dragged far ahead of them and pursue. Jocaos is able to briefly stall them with Stormtroopers, but Dash’s sure firing collapses their catwalk sending them to their deaths.

Jocaos is disarmed in a shootout but runs ahead with Hase, leading Iron Squadron into a large hangar, where Jocaos has taken cover. Before they can close on him, the blast doors open and they are faced with not only a squad of Stormtroopers but an operational All Terrain Scout Transport. Their weapons barely useful, the group are able to use the structure against the walker enough to stall it while it causes mayhem throughout the hangar. With the Stormtroopers dispoed of, Let is able to wedge some explosives into its gears which send it reeling on its last legs, just before Jad is eventually able to secure a missile tube and send it into the walker’s hull, destroying it for good.

Setenna Hase has since freed herself and fighting Jocaos, who sees things have turned against him. He makes to run, but not before Lofbacca can tackle and disable him. Setenna says they should leave quickly and they had back to the street to meet with Zense, who takes them all back to the safe house. Zense informs them that Narek was acquired and is being treated. Hase says that he will return with them to Resolute Base.

After a brief time of recovery, Iron Squadron return with Advisor Hase and the still bedridden Var Narek aboard the Calamity.


XP earned

  • Session: 10 XP (2 Sessions)
  • Making contact with the Rebels at The Scarlet Sword: 5 XP
  • Exploring the city in search of Var Narek: 10 XP
  • Chasing Jocaos back to the city and confronting Imperial Forces: 5 XP
  • Rescuing Setenna Hase: 5 XP
    TOTAL 35 XP

Duty Rank


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